A real Live Film Set with all the excitment of a live action Stunt Show.

Our Italian Stunt Drivers have had the pleafune  of performing for millions of visitors Theme Parks  al l over the world.

It's an explosive show whith a  car chases,acrobatic and special effects whith HollyWood class.

This Show has left our audiences breathless. Whether it be two wheels or four , big or small our engines are the protagonists of this high action Show.

Produced by Folco Team.


Folco Team are capable of advising a client for events and management of any kind. These live Shows are a combination of the Teams diverse talents. Offering a tailor made non stop action Show.


This Live Show is based on recreating accidents in a controlled enviroment. Our drivers precicion and vast experience allows them to push the cars to the limit. 

Definatly do not try this at home! This show includes many different types of crashes, falls, explosions.

Folco Team are the only Italian stunt team to offer "Demolition Stunt Derby" as  live show entertainment including;

15 Cars

15 Stuntmen

0 Rules

1 Arena

1 Winner


A  incredible live show acrobatics performed on jetski by Folco Team.

The show can be performed on both a natural or artifical enviroment.

Entertainment for theme parks and sport events.


Our fearless divers jump from various hieghts, including an impressive  30 metres.

Noted for thier impecable timing capable of creating elegant choreography or even recreating an action scene.



This show was created to give people a eye witness experience of what the real dangers on the road are.

It is an educational show where our team stimulate a crash, working along side real emergenzy services.

We believe this show will help many young drivers. But not only we hope to educate people of all ages how importante saftey on the road is.


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