The career stuntman family Folco (circus for four generations) begins in 1953 with "three white horses" and perhaps by chance! In those years in Europe soon spread through the voice of the amazing duo of riders formed by Athos grandfather, founder of the family, and his sister Cipriana, a fabulous dancer who performed at the turn of developments in the world never hitherto performed by women, and in particular the famous somersault from horse to horse. Coincided with their transport from the Swedish Circus Scott at the Cirque d'Hiver in Paris (which we could compare it to the current importance for Monte Carlo.) And in Paris, began shooting the feature film "Keystone" and given the similarity to the two actors actors Tony Curtis and Gina Lollobrigida's grandfather and aunt were taken respectively as their stunt. So it was that began casually told me my grandfather Athos, his cinematic adventure in different genres and strands like spaghetti western film in mask and then as a producer of live entertainment themed stuntman .. The next generation is the founder in his first son, Gianluca, or my dad, who specializes in athletic activities as a young man and horse free body and at the end of the seventies, with the boom in the Italian crime films, makes his innate passion for cars and motorcycles the craft that has made him one of the stunt car department on the most comprehensive in the world. There is no medium that has not put on two wheels or cars that do not have nosed or demolished .. and what to say .. with a resume like this: Failed to us children think of any other job after being born and raised on two wheels with bread and crash, pasta and adventure!

My artistic training, such Darix my younger brother, begins as usual with the study of the basics of circus arts, in this case with a five-year training at the Academy of Italian Circus and then continue and complete the picture of the family directly in the live stunt shows on tour in Italy and in the world as a young talent .. I can never describe the immense emotion that accompanied me before an audience in my first ride on two wheels at fifteen as that of the first crash at seventeen. The same is my brother tells of his debut at sixteen in this crazy world where the case has brought us and makes us stay .... thanks to the meticulous dedication and experience that we have acquired over time to become a leader in the field surrounds himself with important collaborations and boasts a large and well-trained team to provide the ultimate in every occasion: from the movie or tv for cinema to the creation of live shows for theme parks, fairs, conventions, sporting events and any other kind of event to make spectacular until get to the same training of new craft artists with the opening in 2005 of the first school of Stuntman in Italy. It is our hope? To rediscover the healthy and unhealthy at the same time adrenaline dell'esibirsi also in our future generations. On the other hand remained firmly in the respect for life, though aware of walking the line between it and death, so far we have always won.

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