A real film set will surround the exciting show "Live Action Stunt", the show with the Italian pilots of the Folco Team who, for several years have thrilled hundreds of thousands of visitors in theme parks all over the world, an explosive show with Hollywood-worthy chases, stunts and special effects.

So great emotions are expected, performances that will make you remain in suspense .. with two or four wheels, small or large, the engines will be the undisputed protagonists of the most exciting “LIVE” show signed by Folco Team.


An innovative show where lights, pyrotechnical effects and lots of music are added to the acrobatics of our pilots. Cars, Motorcycles, Farm Tractors, They are the masters in this new interpretation of stunt entertainment


An incredible "Live Show" with breathtaking stunts performed by the Folco Team pilots aboard jet-skies and jet skis. The show can be performed in any type of arena, artificial or natural. Entertainment Live Show for Presentations, Theme Parks, Sporting and Extreme Events.


Folco Team is able to provide its consultancy for the design and integral realization of creative events, Management, Shows, Fairs, Events, Motor Fest of all types.

It specializes in the creation and promotion of Italian and foreign festivals and tours, in the spectacularization of themed events.


The "Stunt For Life" road safety shows are an entertainment formula designed for the youngest, but increasingly popular with audiences of all ages.

The show capable of transmitting an educational "moral", education and values, is suitable for the whole family.

"Stunt For Life" also reaffirms and consolidates the set of guidelines that today become part of the education of the youngest at school, but which was lacking in previous generations - grandparents and parents - who live with these children every day.

Reaching them too, to educate them to respect the highway code, to follow civic rules, to learn information about their country, etc., to help young people to do it every day, is extremely important.