The world of motors are our passion, they are also our speciallity.  We offer the experience to be a stunt driver for a day. Whether it be a work force, team or even a group of friends. Folco Team organise these special events.

Our professionals teach stunt driving, allowing you to  take the wheel. We believe these events help a work force work together under pressure. Buliding confidence and trust. 

Such past events have been a great success.


The "Folco Team" offers to all the great companies of the news regarding the corporate days, the "Day Stunt, Stunt Stunt Camp and Family" are young, innovative projects, which catapult the participants in thrilling chases, shootouts, routes by car , trucks and special vehicles designed and prepared for a day full of fantastic details and evidence from Daredevil.

 Our strengths:

• originality of the service projects with unique, unusual
• experience at the service of customers
• completeness of the service offered
• flexibility that only a group dynamic agile and is able to ensure continuity with.

Folco Team
via Costa Rotonda 39
Marino (RM) 00040 Italy
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Info Servizi Cine Tv    +39 328 8454858
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